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This tutorial includes software for the desktop, and also includes mobile apps you can use to edit and share videos. One convenient article includes video editing software for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS, so no matter what hardware you are using, you can find the right tools for you. Read on for an overview of some of the best video editing software solutions that you can start using today.

Mac users are not as well served by the huge amount of software choices that are available on PC, and Apple fans interested in editing videos are well served by four products in particular. Generally, the Apple(r) computers are preferred by beginners, but PCs are generally preferred by editors with moderate to above-average editing experience, thanks in part to a wide choice of video editing software available on Windows, which has sophisticated yet user-friendly features.

No, this guide is not simply a laundry list of video editing software, but rather, it is a carefully edited list of the best free video editors, which are both easy-to-use and offer good value. InVideos online video editor does the bulk of the work, turning your articles into videos with state-of-the-art templates from us at InVideo. The video editor app has a suite of tools for creating and editing videos, allowing you to incorporate music, text, motion, and 3D effects.

You can use a variety of video editing effects, such as adjusting the video speed, background blur, GIF, animated text and fonts, Giphy Video stickers, fade-in, and out, as well as the Music editor. You can also add text, edit audio recordings, and export the videos to Full HD. You can export your edited videos straight to YouTube and other social media platforms. It is a proper timeline-based editing experience, and you also get free music and stock photos to incorporate into your videos.

To start, pick a template from Capwings collections, or start from scratch to give your video a sense of its own. All you need is a video camera, some proper software, and a willingness to make something. Video editing is one of the most computationally intense activities out there, so you are going to need the best laptop or desktop computer you can afford if you are serious about cutting your own movies. If you are going to spend the money learning to edit videos, though, you may want to stay away.

With an extensive collection of robust editing tools, which are updated on a monthly basis, and an easy, user-friendly application interface, you will find yourself creating flawless videos that even impress yourself. You can find tons of videos on YouTube (and other sites) showing you how to perform awesome editing tricks. Using artificial intelligence, Magisto will edit and produce your videos automatically, saving a ton of time. For PC users, Windows 10s Photos app (as of Fall Creators Update) lets you stitch, trim, and even add background music, 3-D animation effects, and titles to videos.

Another Filmora feature that beginners in video editing will find appealing is the Easy mode, which lets you make interesting, polished edits simply by dragging-and-dropping clips, choosing a theme, and choosing a soundtrack. You also get access to the Music Editor, which has clips trimming, fade-in and fade-out effects, and an option for producing HD-quality videos. Movavi Video Editor Plus is simple to use, as well as quick, capable of creating full-length videos within minutes, and makes the whole process of editing videos enjoyable for everyone.

While it looks and feels just like another online video editing app, it is targeted towards marketers looking to take their videos, audio, and basically, any ideas they have and turn it into videos using animations, captions, GIFs, and other tools. Movie Maker 10 is ideal for making quick edits on short videos clips that you need to get out there immediately. InShot App is the one that is most suitable for Instagram, it helps you edit photos, make collages of images, blur borders, make an image or video square that is Instagram-ready, etc.

VideoPad does not have as many advanced features as some other free video editing software in this list, but with options for adding lighting effects, adjusting colors, and layering text and images, there is enough here to make it worth a free download. That free version alone makes Adobes Premiere Pro one of the best video editing programs for YouTube. Adobe Premiere Rush is simple and clutter-free, simplifies video editing, motion graphics, and audio mixing features from Adobes pro-level software like Premiere Pro, AfterEffects, and Audition, and is designed for people with limited video editing skills.

Some of Adobe Premiere Rushs great features are; its ability to correct shaky videos, edit clips at up-close distance, edit audio above a video clip, a nifty user interface, customizability, built-in special effects, video enhancement features, real-time titling, stabilization, automated video editing, clip cropping, video rotation, and simple sharing. Professional video editors especially like the innovative magnetic timeline, grouped tools, a large array of effects, good organization features, and easy method to add and edit audio. Title tools are trendy in video software, and although Filmoras does not have features like, say, Apples Final Cut Pro X, which can overlay three-dimensional titles on top of video and spin it around in three axes, there are still some fancy titles features for the money you are spending on Filmora.

With VideoPad, you get all sorts of easy-to-use, straightforward features–like 3-D video editing and a sound effects library–to experiment with different types of video compositions and styles. Multicam editing, which lets you swap between the camera angles of the same scene shot by different video cameras, for instance, was previously a feature reserved for professional-level software. With 3-D being Filmoras primary target, you will not be using the program for editing the daily videos you make with a smartphone.

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